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Free Albert Woodfox

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Albert Woodfox's conviction was overturned more than a year ago but the Louisiana authorities have kept him in solitary confinement in a cell the size of a parking space. This is where he has been for the last 4 decades.

Albert, one of the famed Angola 3 prisoners, was convicted of murdering a prison guard at Louisiana State Penitentiary. No physical evidence ties him to the crime. Louisiana authorities have repeatedly stated that the family of slain guard Brent Miller is due justice – but even Brent's widow, Teenie Rogers, believes that Albert is innocent.

After four decades of cruel treatment, there is only one just and humane action that the Louisiana authorities can take. Raise your voice with Teenie and demand that Louisiana authorities free Albert Woodfox today.

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James Caldwell - Attorney General of Louisiana

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Bobby Jindal - Governor of Louisiana

James M. LeBlanc - Secretary, Department of Public Safety

Jocelyn Samuels - Acting Assistant Attorney General

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