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Mexico: Demand Justice for Barbara Mendez & The Women of Atenco

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In May 2006 during a police operation in the Mexican state of San Salvador Atenco, more than 45 women were arrested without explanation. Twenty-six of the women, including Bárbara Italia Mendez, were sexually assaulted during their arrest. When Bárbara realized that the Mexican authorities were unwilling to make progress on the case, she and 10 others filed a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). The Mexican Government has been slow to provide information about the case to the IACHR. Remind the federal government of Mexico that it has the responsibility to protect the human rights of its citizens, and not to let this impunity continue. Read More »

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Jesús Murillo Karam - Attorney General of the Republic

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Medina Mora - Ambassador

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