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Activists Ogulsapar Muradova, Annakurban Amanklychev and Sapardurdy Khadzhiev were detained in Turkmenistan between 16 and 18 June 2006, in connection with their links to the Turkmenistan Helsinki Foundation, a human rights organization. They were sentenced on 25 August 2006 to between six and seven years' imprisonment for “illegal acquisition, possession or sale of ammunition or firearms.” On 14 September 2006, the family of Ogulsapar Muradova was informed of her death in custody. Following reports from relatives who “saw a huge wound on her forehead and marks on her neck”, Amnesty International is concerned by allegations that all three detainees were subjected to torture in detention. Read More »

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Berdymukhammedov - President of Turkmenistan

Rashit Ovezgeldievich Meredov - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan

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